Choosing to carry out a placement or work experience at SWIFT RAIL will give you the opportunity to experience challenging projects that drive the sustainable innovative design of the Built Environment.

For Work Experience students we offer a short or long term option, catered to the individuals construction based interest. We offer a multi-disciplined design and survey service and therefore can cater for any Construction Consultant interests from Building Services to Architectural or Project Management.

We consider all enquiries and subject to availability look to cater for all applicants.

Senior SWIFT RAIL Staff will ensure a rounded experience of Construction Consultants activities, such as documentation, drawing works and construction admin. For longer programmes graduates will be allowed time to work on live projects and will further enhance their experience with further exposure to business elements such as Project Management or Commercial Support.

The candidates don’t need to know their preferred discipline within the construction industry at the outset of their experience, but at the end of their work experience there future plans may just be SWIFT RAIL.

Contact SWIFT RAIL now for details of your potential work experience programme.