Refurbishment of Leamington Spa waiting room

SWIFT RAIL were appointed from optioneering (GRIP 3) to handover (GRIP 8) stages of the project to undertake the design, landlords consent application and management and project management support of the waiting room refurbishment at Leamington Spa Station.

The design and refurbishment of the two waiting rooms at Leamington Spa Railways Station, returning them to their 1930’s style was a unique challenge that SWIFT RAIL and its team of designers and engineers took in our stride. The works to the upside waiting room included the introduction of a doorway leading into the adjacent former refreshment room which, for some time, had been used as a train crew mess room. SWIFT RAIL developed a design to bring the waiting rooms back to use as a customer facility and as an additional revenue stream for Chiltern Railways. The internal heritage paneling on the wall backing onto the platform was in a poor state, but enough could be salvaged to enable a combination of repair and new provision to return the wall to its original form. The plasterwork was also repaired and new services were installed, together with new, appropriately tiled floor. Lighting has been provided in a similar style to the waiting room and the windows and doors have been refurbished. Finally, a security shutter has been installed to separate the serving counter from the main area when the refreshment facility is closed, allowing the room to be used solely as a waiting room.

Leamington Spa Station has been featured in press releases and local press and received high praise for is design and delivery. The station and project featured in the National Heritage Trust Annual Report in 2016. Leamington Spa Station is a grade II listed building therefor close liaison was required with English Heritage and Friends of Leamington to ensure that the listed elements of the building where incorporated and maintained in the design. SWIFT RAIL SERVICES specified modern construction techniques together with traditional techniques to give the refurbishment a modern feel whilst in keeping with the buildings style.

Access to undertake surveys was challenging as the refurbishment works where located on an island platform, our survey co-ordinators worked closely with Chiltern Railways to ensure that all survey works where carried out safely and where ever possible during normal working hours avoiding peak times to avoid night time working and costs associated.

Close liaison from contract award by SWIFT RAIL SERVICES with all third parties led to a proactive project team who communicate at the highest level that fulfils a need at the station to restore and reintroduce historical features of the grade II listed building.