A217 Brighton Road, Infiltration Testing

SWIFT RAIL SERVICES were appointed to supervise and undertake survey works on A217 Brighton Road, Banstead.

The flooding issues not only have safety implications but also cause traffic congestion and decrease road surface lifetimes from standing water.

The survey works consist of the following:

  • Excavating trial holes in agreed locations
  • Undertaking infiltration tests within trial holes
  • Reinstating trial holes.

Prior to undertaking the intrusive / excavation works, the services plans were reviewed, the area CAT scanned and permit to dig completed and authorised  by the Site Supervisor. The excavation was carried out in layers to increase the likelihood of identifying untraceable underground service; ensuring that heras fencing / barriers are erected around the trial hole.

Once the water was discharged into the trench, the measuring device was lowered into the excavation until it becomes in contact with the water. Further measurements to the top of the water level were recorded at specific timed intervals.

To ensure the test remains consistent, all measurements were measured against same location on a straight edge.

Following the reinstatement works, the permit to dig was signed off, fencing removed and a final inspection undertaken to ensure the working area had been handed back in a clean and safe condition.